What’s In My Bag

Hi Everyone,

I thought this blog post was well over due to be published. I thought i would share with you my bag. It may be small, don’t judge but, recently i have been committed to downsizing. I am doing it because i have been reading up on health blogs on how caring heavy bags each day can be bad for your back and how you can reposition your spine, just by carrying a heavy bag on your shoulder for a long period of time.

SO, i decided to downsize. I have been feeling the benefits and reaping the rewards on my arm. I used to carry a huge tote bag full of things that i just did not need and or used as a receipt dumping ground. It cold be hung on your shoulder or you could carry it on your arm. I used to carry it on my right shoulder and i found that by the end of a short trip shopping or just going up to the grocery store, that it would be bright red and sore.

Now, it’s a much different story. I have filing place for receipts and a much less sore shoulder. The new bag that i carry is small however, can’t fit your make-up case or iPhone 6 plus. But it fits just the essentials that you need everyday.

I can fit…a wallet with all of my cards, my small iPhone, a set of keys with a large car key, 1 lipstick, hand gel, a few reciepts and lip balm.

I highly recommend that you give it a go, if you are suffering from back pain or just are sick and tired of lugging around a big bag.

You don’t have to fork out the cash for something high end, depending on your budget and style. There are a lot of shops that you can pick up a small bag from. I go into H&M, Sportsgirl, Portmans or Colette by Colette Hayman, or Topshop. The options are endless. Depending on what you like to carry with you.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this insightful blog post and i hope that you give it a go.



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