Hi Everyone,

Happy Saturday if you are in the AU!

If you are living in NSW Sydney and have either switched on the TV, tuned into the radio or logged into your favourite news account within the last 48 hours you would know that ADELE is in Sydney on her world tour. And let me tell you that it was worth the wait. I absolutely love Adele.

Her show was amazing and full of confetti to fireworks. She has to be one of the most inspirational women in popular culture to date, other than that of a bevy of other. Her strength and willingness to push forward in the face of adversity is incredible. She is someone who i look-up to when the tough gets going and the going get tough.

Not only do she and i share the same love for a winged eyeliner make-up look, we share the same birthdate, hair colour and lo and behold my mum’s middle name is adele, go figure. The only thing is i definitely can’t sing as well as she does.

I went last night and if i had the opportunity to go again i so would. Despite the long queues to get into the stadium, time to get there and massive haul between home, and venue. It was so worth it. I will never forget this truly unique experience and it will tie me over to hopefully another tour, fingers crossed.

I am a true Adele-ian! Please come back to Sydney for other tour!



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