Complexion Perfection

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my first beauty blog post. First up are the base to every beauty application, brushes!

On the weekend, i went into Priceline and came across an amazing, brand new brush range from Nude By Nature.  The Complexion Perfection Buffing brush range.

These three incredible brushes do what they promise and more. They can be used in conjunction with your mineral foundation as well as your regular liquid foundation. They buff the product in really well and leave your skin luminous, and flawless.

I was hesitant to pick them up at first, but i am so glad that i decided to go ahead and spend the money. They are in amazing Rose Gold colour and look great amongst your other brushes. They are super easy to use and cut your foundation application time in half.

The concealer and the contour brushes are just as good as the foundation brush and the concealer brush can also be use to apply your eyeshadow. They have a great grippy handle that allows for easy use and application.

One of the best things that i absolutely love, is that they don’t absorb any of the product!

The candle that can be seen in the centre image is from Glasshouse in Oahu - lima milk and honey (its a mini one)



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