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Serum Obsession & Confusion

Hi Everyone, As a side note to my beauty routine, I had ignored the concept of using a anti-ageing serum as part of my nightly beauty routine. I hadn't given it a second thought and nor did I really need to. The adverts didn't persuade me to try it and nor did the celebrity endorsements. I just didn't want to give it a go.

However, I have coved in recent days. It was a matter of days when I picked up my mum's Chanel Blue Serum and tossed it between two hands wondering wether or not to use it. It was time and something that I had seen many women include into their routine.

I was skeptical and unsure as to how a serum might interact with my skin. Given that mine is extremely tempremental, all of those women with sensitive, oily and combination skin will feel my pain. Anything harsh and I end up with a rash or worse acne.
However, given that I am on the quest for that 'radiant glow' and supple skin. I thought I would add it into my nightly routine.

So, here's…

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