It’s Been Too Long

Hi Everyone,

I can’t believe it!! It’s been so long since I have updated you or even posted-up a Nude Blush post. I am so sorry, I have just been busy with a little thing called life. As you know, what it’s like.

I have been dedicated, disengaged and dissatisfied with a lot recently. So, I thought a bit of time off would give me a changed to re-callobrate and reconnect with a few aspects of my life that have been annoying me. I have managed to form more a zen approach to life over this past month and settled on changing a coupe of things.

First of all, I was so disinterested in what I had in my wardrobe that I decided to clean it out. But, Why? I was basically so overwhelmed by how disorganised it had become and the level of presentation was just a bit of an eyesore. So i decided to get busy and reorganised and pop into my Local Target for some of their amazing rose gold hangers.
I managed to take a bin bag full of unworn clothes up to my local Vinnie’s drop-off and some of it just was so terrible that i had to go in the bin.

Ok, second. It’s that time of year where you start to reconsider what you ate during winter and start to re-evaluate your level of exercise. So i have started to take up running on the weekends and sometimes during the week, if i have the time. At the end of the session, i plan to buy my self a new swimsuit and a dress, incentive for the running.
When i run i chant in my head, need that swimsuit, need that dress. And i kind you not, after a month of running i can already see the change and feel it too. I actually have much more energy during the day and focus to get things done during the working week.

Thirdly, as you know Christmas is literally so close, as well as the new year. Yikes! So things around at work are heating-up and rapidly changing. So, i have dedicated about 90% of my time to getting work done and deadlines met. And as anyone knows who works part-time that sometimes, “part-time” work can actually turn into full-time at this time of year.

Forth and final. I want to start a you-tube channel where i can interact with you more and share more about my everyday life. So i have dedicated time to updating rooms and looking at what a nice backdrop would be.
As a person with not a lot of knowledge on renovating and how to live in your own home whilst renovating, time planning it to finish by the end of the year is taking some time. I have the ideas and colour swatches, it’s just putting it into motion that has become the tricky bit. Especially when it involves moving furniture out of a tiny space an finding a place to put it whilst work is happening within that room.

If anyone lives in a unit and has any tips or time management skills that the would love to share please do. I would love to hear.

Anyway on that note, I will stop rambling on and leave you there.
Until next blog post.


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