The Spring Update

Hi Everyone,

With the arrival of Spring here in Australia, it’s time to put that spring in your step and hit the shops for some new garments to add to your wardrobe. However, if your are like me and have a small wardrobe or are looking for a way to add a garment or two. Then this blog post is for you.

Ok, here goes…

Research, Research, Research
This way you get an idea of what the latest trend is, what colours are in and what price bracket you wish to buy into.


Ask a honest friend or a bunch of friends
Organise a girls brunch and talk to others about the latest trends and what they have seen. That way you can find out what looks good with your skin tone and get a better scope of current seasonal trends. Also, ask them where they are going for their clothes, they might suggest a web-site or shop that you never knew existed.


Go to your wardrobe
Bring out all of your spring/summer clothes and put them on the bed. Find out what looks good with what and photograph them with accessories, and shoes. That way when it comes time to put the outfit together you will know what to wear.


Go back to your research
This way you can identify what you need and what you can put in place of a say, a t-shirt that had a bad stain from the previous spring. Or, that mustard coloured dress that is overdue a chuck-out and could be well placed with that off the shoulder trend dress your found from said retailer.


Ask a friend over for coffee
Ask them to fumble through your closet and share their thoughts on what they think looks good on you and what things definitely do not. Also, your friend might like to keep that mustard dress, it might look great on her or she might have a charity in mind to donate it to.


Get a bin bag
Put all of the things that you don’t want in it and head-up to your local charity a donate it to them or give it to your friend whom might want what you have.

Make a list
By doing this you can see on paper exactly what you need for the new season, what you have chucked-out and can be replaced and where you will go to get them.

Plan, Plan, Plan
Financially look at what you plan to spend your hard earned money on, how that will fit into your wardrobe and lifestyle. This way you won’t be hit hard with a massive credit card dept or be stressed out due to a lack of wardrobe space. It also helps in the long run, when the weather starts to heat and you realise you would rather buy a dress with a cap sleeve, rather than a long shirt sleeve that was perfect during the spring time.

Tip: Draw up three columns, head the first one with ’Shop’, the second ‘Clothing Type’ and the third ‘Price’. Then write down all of the clothes that you have seen either online or in store that you like.

Trick: Taking a photo in the store change room helps when it comes to buying the garment. Not only is it a photographic record of what you have seen but, you can look back to it after you have left and make a more wise decision to either make then purchase or not.

Also, before you leave the store ask the assistant to put the garment on hold for you. That way you have time to think it though and you can rest easy knowing it won’t leave the store within the next 24hours. It gives you a bit of time to think and see wether or not it will actually fit in your wardrobe.

Also you can ask your friend to have a look and ask her opinion on wether it you look good in it or not.

Now the fun really begins. Go and purchase what you need and want.

I hope this helps in your wardrobe spring cleaning and with style purchases throughout the new season. It helps me immensely and seems to work each year and season. Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below on the process, what i could do better or what you do.

Have a fantastic spring!



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