A New Name! But Why???

Hi Everyone,

When I first started blogging, it was about this time last year and I was happy with the way my current blog, and social media channels were looking. I was keen to find a name that stood out from the rest and that reflected who I was, and was something not of the norm. Which is where Channel Anna was created from.

Upon reflective thoughts and possible future business hope's and goals this year. I wanted to make sure that branding and the look, and feel was similar between the two. Making sure that one brand was not overshadowing the next.

As you know I have a passion for make-up, fashion, travel, food and lifestyle products. However, a couple of years back I graduated with a Bachelor degree from university, specialising in Graphic Design. So naturally ever since I have been picking up freelance/contract work.
  With the new year, I have decided to launch my entrepreneurial dreams. Don't panic, I will still be blogging! But, I have come tor realise how important it is to keep pursuing your dream's are.

So in-turn I wanted to change the name of my blog to 'The Annel'. The blog will sit well with my new business and become the right hand to business development. There will still be all of the fun of Channel Anna but, The Annel will be a more formal and sophisticated blog.

I haven't made any further progress with my entrepreneurial hopes, goals and dreams. But, I have decided to make it a more serious part of my life and work. Part of my new fresh approach to 2018!

I hope to still bring you fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food and still update you on my love of Nude Blush  seasonal favourites. I will still be creating flat lays, looking at the current beauty market and sharing you style snapshot. The only thing is the name and the look, and feel of the blog.

The change will be gradual over my social media accounts but, blogging will be instantaneous.

With Love, 

      Anna x


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