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Hi Everyone,

I am conscious that this is a very overdue blog post and that I have been away from you for this long. My apologies everyone. Wow, what a year it has been so far. From travelling to New Zealand to establishing new business ventures.

When the clock chimed 12:00pm on December 31, I was on the balcony of my mum's watching the fireworks over in the distance. I was aware of how my life previously was that year, full of hurdles and obstacles. Many of them I did not want or could have foreseen.
By reflecting on that past year and of the many before, it became obvious how much this year my life needed to change, for the better. For many years, I was convinced that what came in life came due to life's natural course and your life had a path, you just needed to accept the fact that the thing's happened for a reason. I had enough of what was happening and have now decided to take drastic action against the idea of life's natural course and make change happen now for 2018 and right into the future.

One of the most prolific events that I made happen was a trip to New Zealand. By far one of the most incredible countries I have EVER been to, and when I say incredible, I really mean it. From it's pristine harbour waters to geological features. I was in awe of it's natural beauty.

I was drawn to the idea of going purely because my sister wanted to come along with me for the ride. By the way, sister's make excellent travel companions for those who have them. I was so amazed by how lush their fields were and how they were able to grow so many different types of crops yearly, due to their volcanic soil component’s. Something Australia does not have.

Geologically, New Zealand is situated at the edge of a tectonic plate, meaning the island is made-up of volcanic rock and mud, perfect for growing crops and drinking water. It also means that the island if prone to earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. 

Fact: Auckland it's self has 53 of them!


Our trip began on the 2nd of January where we took a 7am flight out of Sydney and landing us in Auckland at 2pm their time. Not long and no long haul involved, perfect! First things first dump bag's at the hotel and vamoose. Walking up to the Sky Tower and grabbing lunch on the way. Perfect after sitting down for a long time.

After some discussion, we decided that Auckland has some very similar features to Sydney. For example, the Viaduct Harbour was a lot like Sydney's Darling Harbour and the Sky Tower like CenterPoint.

On the way back to the hotel we stopped by and grabbed a scoop of ice-cream from New Zealand natural, undoubtedly the best ice-cream I have ever tried. Then got some dinner and took a super early night.

DAY 2 

Come morning of the 2nd day, we woke early to catch the ferry over to Waiheke Island on a Fullers Ferry. Stopping by a Tank to get a juice on the way for breakfast. Despite the weather being overcast that morning. It turned out to be stunning weather that day.

Getting off the ferry and on to the island. We grabbed a all-day bus pass that took us around the island wherever we wanted to go. As we didn't have any tours booked we decided to go on our own. A DIY exploration of the island. Stopping first in the main town of Oneroa, hopping back on the bus and heading to Onetagi and then Rocky Bay, taking in the most incredible views.

We ended up stopping in Rocky Bay to walk and check out the scenery. Then hopping back on the bus to Oneroa to grab a dip in the ocean and lunch. After a solid day of exploring such a unique and stunning island. We headed back to grab drinks and dinner.


 Unfortunately it was from this point onwards that our plans had to be rescheduled due to torrential rain and winds. However, my enthusiasm to go soak-up Auckland, literally, I was soaked by the end of the day was not harmed. Scheduling time to go to one of the most hotly contested public attractions, the Auckland Museum.

Wow, what a museum! Looking back on the tribal history of New Zealand to photographs was incredible. Learning so much about what an incredible country New Zealand is. There was so much to learn about and discover. Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for something to do on a rainy day in Auckland.

Our plans to walk back through the Parnell shopping area unfortunately had been rained out so we ended up 'ubering' back to Britomart and exploring the shops there which were just as nice. Deciding that the onslaught of wet weather was too much we came back to the hotel.


The second last day was still the same weather but, this time we decided to explore the suburb of Ponsonby. Soaking-up the funky and fun nature of the people and shops. As it was close to the hotel we could access it on foot and the rain held off.

I loved the Surry Hill-esque vibe that Ponsonby echoed. From Mecca Cosmetica to small independently owned stores. Walking in and out of Oxfam style stores and casual cafes. Exploring the unique style that Ponsonby echoed. It was made even more special when we stumbled upon a sushi train that offered a gluten free option.

We were enticed by Alice McCall and Zimmermann when we went into a store called Superette. Which stocked Australian and New Zealand labels. Perfect! There were pieces in there that I had not seen before and some that I had recognised.

After a fun second last day we decided to hit the Gym and pool then get dressed for dinner. Heading out to a bar for drinks and then bowling for a fun last night.


My last day!

My holiday vibe ended and reality soon sunk in. Though in a good way. Excited to come home and share all of my trip details and start new exciting projects.

Saying good-bye to my sister, still in holiday mode about to spend the next 4 weeks exploring the North and the South Island. Later catching a plane home and landing in Sydney at 3:30pm.

Love Anna xx


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