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Hi Everyone,

We all know how often we use one make-up product from the other and what type of brush that gives us the best finnish. The brushes and products that we use are the ones that always either need replacing frequently or the ones that we can’t get enough of. So we end up taking the time to filter through your drug or high end store to find the brushes or product that suits what we like.

I am always leaning either toward one concealer, foundation, blending brush, well there is quite a list. So i thought i would share with you my make-up brush staples, how i keep them stored and what i use to ensure that the storage is hygienic but, most importantly clean.


L-R: long round eyeshadow, eyebrow 2 use, eyeshadow blending, concealer, contour/highlight, foundation 
I use these everyday to create either a natural make-up look or a heavy evening glam look. These are the brushes that i wash the most frequently with the Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Gel and the Brush Cleansing Palette. Other brushes are stored clean and ready to use in a zip lock bag.

They are left in the back of where i keep my brushes in the dark. This helps them from forming any nasty bacteria. A tip i have learnt, is to make sure that the air is released from the bag so it keeps the brushes fresher for longer. You can also use this method when you travel or as an every day clean pouch away from your make-up in your bag. 

I find that by using these stapes i am able to still great a profession look within a faster time frame. I am able to use the added 10 minutes in the morning to get my self ready for the day. Where as before i was taking at least 20 min to apply make-up. 

By using these i have saved time, money and space. I was overwhelmed by how much room my 20 piece brush set was taking up in my storage glass and time i used by reaching for the wrong brush to use, so this was a way to get that back. Also i have a lot more time to write and schedule a blog post.

As we are not all the same, i understand that you might have a different view, time in the morning and schedule to apply your make-up. Each to their own.


My brush storage solution
I love buying pretty storage solutions not just because they look nice but, beacuse it means i feel more inclined to use them. I went and bought this cup from Freedom in a sale. I had originally had it pinned to use for drinks or just as a candle holder. But, i came to the conclusion that it suited the rose gold brushes better.

Keeping the brushes that you are using in a cup can save you time. It reduces how long you take to fumble around looking for that brush to use and keeps them well airated which can help keep them clean. Also, when it’s a sunny day i like to store them in the kitchen during the day and having them stored up right means they reach the maximum amount of sun, required for sterilisation. As the sun has antibacterial UV rays that can help kill bacteria and ward off nasty mould.


Handy antibacterial wipes

Anyone who has used a antibacterial wipe will know just how well it cleans and disinfects. Wipes are a great way to sanitise an area, object or surface because they are loaded with the germ fighting ingredients to do so. A regular sponge with detergent just won’t do the trick as well as a wipe.

I have been using antibacterial wipes for years and it has just come to my attention how vital it is to clean out your make-up storage with them. They require no water and are faster at drying, then a sponge loaded with soap. I use them regularly to clean out my cup and as well as the handles of the brushes.

As you are well aware by now that what you touch on your hands stays on your hands and then touching your make-up brushes with those lingering germs and putting that on your face can lead to infection, aka ACNE. It’s like touching the kitchen bin, then putting your hands on your brush handle then putting them on your face. You wouldn’t put the kitchen bin on your face, nor apply the germs from breakfast there either. 

Well there you have it, there are my top tips for keeping your make-up area spot less and clean. I hope you take on a couple of these tips and don’t forget to hit the follow button on Bloglovin’ if you like this post.




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