I Have More Issues Than Vogue


Hi Everyone,

You have probably noticed that I have not been blogging, much, at all.

Lets just say there has been a lot going on here at Channel Anna HQ. From the insanely busy to skin disasters. There way too much to describe, hence the title of this post.

As most bloggers in Australia know, we have just been through on of the hottest summers on record. And as many people with oily/combination skin knows, that a hot summer can wreak havoc on your skin. I love the beach and the summer sun. I also have fair and sensitive skin, and i have to slather on the suncream each time, which has blocked my pores big time. This has also had an affect on my confidence. Hence a delayed YouTube Channel, which I was hoping that I could have started by now.

Plus, to make things even more annoying, my laptop is having some serious issues and I have been busy getting on to the design bandwagon, and applying for courses. And throw redecorating plans into the mix. Such is life!

My apologies to all of my followers. I promise that I will be posting much more now that i have everything under control.

As a side note, if there is anyone out there who uses Photoshop, I could use some advice on how to clear my scratch disk. It’s full and i can’t create any images for my blog to share with you.

Any tips or tutorials that you might know of???????


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