Saturday Style

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to my first accessories blog. Finally!

I am sharing with you my absolute favourite accessories, that i wear just about each day. I tend to stick to the bare minimum as i find that they look good with just about everything i wear. I love accessories, i own more necklaces than i do shoes.

The pieces that i have chosen to blog about, have all been chosen with the theme of first in mind. Each one has a story behind them and each represents a special time. Most of them has found their way into my day-to-day style. Weather it be worn with a dress or with a pair of jeans and a shirt. I can honestly day that you could wear them with just about anything.

The necklace is a Samantha Wills, that i received last year for my birthday.

The earrings are from Lovisa. I bought them for my self for Christmas last year.

As for the ring, it’s also from Samantha Wills, another birthday gift.

I added the bottle of Chloe Roses perfume because it’s the first scent that i discovered that actually suited me. It’s floral sweet tones echo a fresh clean feel. That is feminine and pretty. Also who doesn’t love Chloe. It’s my favourite high end brand along with billions of others.

Also included in the flat-lay is a dress that i bought from Decjuba. This one was bought on the first day of the January sales this year. I love it. It’s fresh summer feel and light fabric was perfect for the hot summer weather. I don’t want to put it away. The lace detail included in the sleeves make the dress just that little bit extra feminine. Its what i am wearing in my blog picture.

Well that’s all everyone, i hope you have enjoyed reading. Till next time.




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