Daily Blog Planning

Hi Everyone,

Each day since I have started creating my blog, I have noticed that I can become a little bit distracted and sometimes I have either lost a thought about a blog post or an image that I could post. So in order to get focused I have decided to create a weekly blog plan.

I have looked to other bloggers who have a similar plan and I thought it would be a great idea. I decided to create my own personalised weekly planner. I used Adobe Illustrator and my own brand style. I was inspired by those bloggers that used their own style and branding to create theirs.

Currently I have a monthly compendium and a wall planner. However, neither reflect my blog brand or have my logo on. Also sometimes my compendium can be crammed full of events or coffee dates. Which can distract me for working on my blog.

I plan to go and buy a nice storage solution to put it in. Hopefully I will be able to find one!

Here is a current image of the one that I created. Please note, it’s not downloadable or available for use.


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