An Ode to Coffee

When I wake up in the morning I usually think of two things, one what I need to do that day and two my need for coffee. I love coffee!

I don’t hink my day couldn’t live without it. The constant flow of caffeine is a huge part in the way I take on each task day-to-day. As a designer and now blogger,  it helps to fuel my creativity which is essential in my work.

Back in the 18th century coffee was considered a luxury that only the well off could consume, now its affordable and it’s everywhere. It forms social groups (aka the coffee lovers group), it becomes part of our everyday conversation “Heading out for a coffee. Does anyone want one?” and part of our desserts, that coffee caramel chocolate cake with ice-cream.

Each day I wake-up and start up the nespresso machine, which I love. For those of you who have a nespresso machine, you know what I mean. It’s amazing.

Going to a cafe has never been so easy, knowing that you can ask for how you want your cup of coffee the way you want it, even if it contains that naughty dollop of cream. I always ask for a skim cappuccino or sometimes an almond milk cap. I am lucky I live near an abundance of cafes, that serve all kinds of different coffees. From the piccolos to the iced coffees.

However, there is one type of coffee that I absolutely do not like, yep you guessed it. Decaf.
I don’t understand the idea of a caffeine free coffee and probably never will. I could rant on and on about how decaf coffee but, for those who like it ill save your eyes.

I have recently discovered how to use my nespresso machine to make a range of different types of coffees, I had no idea of just how easy it is. From the simple espresso to the complex iced coffee. I have  no need to visit a cafe and get stuck in a long coffee queue.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my love for coffee and I hope we share the similar passion.

Until the next day of a caffeine fuelled passion,


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