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Hi Everyone,

As new beauty and fashion launches are taking place, there have been some amazing fun and fresh colours launching. Here in Australia spring is just around the corner and certainly the weather that we have been experience thus far has helped that become more real. Beauty brands, fashion retailers and department store have launched their spring/summer previews of major upcoming trends and colours for the new season.

With the warmer weather approaching, i have been dreaming about warm balmy nights and pink-orange sunsets. So i thought it would be a fantastic time to launch a new section to my blog. A place where i can share with you my love for Nude Blush without it overtaking Channel Anna.

Wether it be in the form of a new blush colour for your cheeks to a handbag to clothes to technology. I will share it with you.

As an ode to spring/summer, Nude Blush will encapsulate the essence of the season and become a place where i can share with you my love for the colour. Nude Blush is an integral part to my wardrobe in spring and has lived in my beauty cupboard for years. It has become part of my everyday style and beauty routine.

For those of you reading this, Nude Blush can also live in your winter wardrobe and make-up routine. From a cosy sweater to a pale lip. One of my top favourite lip colours that i have been wearing to death over this winter has been a nude blush lip and i own a nude blush sweater that has been a regular staple in my wardrobe.

I hope this new section will inspire, enhance and entice you to try this fresh colour.

Stay tuned!


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