Activewear - Cotton On.

Hi Everyone,

Wave Mesh T-Shirt (Coral Sand)
$24.95 ON SALE $10.00

If you follow me on Instagram you would be well aware just how much I love being and staying active. However, if you don’t have Instagram, well now you know. Feeling great in my activewear helps me to feel great and I tend to get more enjoyment out of being active.

Look Great + Feel Great = Happy Me!!!

This post looks at a way that Nude Blush can be incorporated well into your activewear. The way that the model has been styled for the shoot, speaks volumes about how the overall look is conveyed. The Nude Blush in contrast with navy blue is spot on and on point!

Cotton On Body is my number one destination for activewear and socks. I would definitely wear this out on a walk or to Pilates. Its perfect for the warmer weather and even paired with a casual denim short, to wear to those brunch dates.


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