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The Stationery Edit

All of us have our ways of filing those bills from shoes, storing our magazine collections, planning our weeks and jotting down those important notes or thoughts/ideas. I love investing a little bit of time each year in sorting out when i plan to post a blog post and heading down to my favourite stationery store to buy a new yearly planner. I am always searching for new and clever ways to store notes, receipts, bills and important letters.
Yearly planner and Mondays work setting

I love anything cheerful looking and stylish. My most favourite store, Kikki.k are always releasing a new journal, planner or range of stationery. I am continuously inspired by their creativity and passion to delivering the best, and most instagram-able stationery.

I can still remember when my local store opened. It was originally a pop-up store however, due to the popularity of the stationery and overall success of the bran, it thankfully stayed. The smell of new leather and paper always lingers in the store, which i find really comforting.

Kikki.k Stationery Love

Unique styles and trendy typefaces are a huge pull for me in choosing stationery. A black journal with rose gold writing on the front or a pencil case made with laser cut leather in a pretty pattern, can determine how often i use that product. This makes a big difference in how much you spend on it.

I am a closeted keeper of unused pretty journals, that i have to say that i have a lot of. Some of them i have collected from my travels around the globe, some from local stores like kikki.k and some from art gallery stores. I also have a massive collection of pens.

Owning good quality and photogenic stationery is a key element in how i feel about the current work day and how i feel my work space. I feel a lot more inspired to work on a project using a nice note book and that can also reflect a lot in my work, and when i enter meetings. I would much rather pull out a rose gold pen rather than the conventional plastic black pen.

However, sometimes when i just want to jot down a lot of notes or just buy a standard journal, i will look for something a bit more affordable. Shopping at my local Officeworks has been made just that much more inspirational by the introduction of their new stylish range of stationery and journals. I am loving their gold and silver folders, that actually look good quality.

I hope this post has given you some inspiration to go and purchase a nice journal or possibly do a rearrange of your current desk space. If you have any stores, stationery or images of inspirational desk spaces, don’t forget to leave a link to them in the comment box below or let me know where i can find them on Pinterest and Instagram.



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