Blonde Hair Care

Hi Everyone,

Like your skin care routine, your hair care routine is just as essential. I am no hairdresser but, i do know that looking after your hair is a key factor in your appearance and how you present yourself to the world each day. For example, when i was a student at uni, i was so caught-up in what i needed to get done each day from assignments to my part-time job. That i was letting go of a essential grooming ritual.

My hair was always looking greasy and dull. I was putting way more effort in getting my studies together and focused on giving my 110% in social activities. I would wash my hair once a week and with the WRONG shampoo and conditioner, that was stripping my hair of it’s natural colour and strength. I was always pulling it back into a tight bun and never allowing it time to just relax.

I was stressed out over my studies, which showed-up in my hair and overall appearance. After a YEAR of not going to the hairdresser, being stressed out, using the wrong hair ‘care’ products (won’t name name’s) and keeping it back each day. The hairdresser had noticed such a great deal of breakage that, instead of looking like the woman in the picture that i took with the long flowing golden locks. I got a bob-cut style with a side fringe that i was so thin that it looked not even like a fringe. That i did not want.

In that moment it changed the way i treat my hair and the way i present myself to the world. I become more conceded about the type of shampoo i use and the conditioner. I constantly researched ways to grow out your hair in 3 weeks. Then spent so much money on just hair care that i could not even go out that week. 

Now years later, my hair has never been better. So now is the time where i download to you my hair care routine. It does differ from week to week but, i thought  would show you what i will do this week. This is week 1 in my routine. Why do I use a different hair care schedule per week? Why not do th same each week?

Just like our usual daily routine that if we do it often enough it can become monotonous and we become comfortable in doing the same thing. Just like the roots of our hair, it does EXACTLY the same. We need to change-it-up, which actually gives our hair time to live and breathe.

So, this week…

Monday - when i took a shower i shampooed and conditioned my hair with John Frieda moisturising shampoo and conditioner for blonde hair. 

Tuesday (today) - when i showed i put a shower cap on.

Wednesday (tomorrow) - is pamper night, when i will do a nourishing deep conditioning hair mask. I use the Marc Anthony Deep Repair Aloe Vera Jasmine hair mask.   

Thursday - shower cap day.

Friday - i have a weekend full of events that call for clean, well presented hair. Due to a ‘eventful’ weekend i need to shampoos and condition it everyday so this morning when i shower i will not wash my hair.

Saturday - in the morning wash my hair and condition it. Adding a drop of Organix Coconut Milk serum to the ends for lustre.

Sunday - do the same as Saturdays routine.            

The Products

All products i have picked-up from Priceline. I don’t need to replace the shampoo or conditioner often however, in saying that, i do need to with the hair mask as it is only intended for a two use application.

Hair Different Types & Different Needs

I have blonde hair that needs more attention than brown or red hair. Blonde hair can become more brittle and is prone to drying out faster than other colours. It also looks duller due to it’s light colour.

I have NEVER had my hair coloured or treated before. Because one, i don’t really need to and two i need to keep the growth cycle continuing due to it’s slow growing nature. Also i have naturally curly hair that needs constant brushing and can also become frizzy if i don’t use a serum or a spray to keep it in order.

I have been through product, after product designed for blonde hair. I have found some just don’t do what the packaging promises or some of them weigh down my hair. I have been using John Frieda for Blonde hair for at least 2 years now and i find it the best for my hair type.

As each scalp is different and each daily routine is different, wether you work out daily or have a job wearing a hat. You have probably noticed that everyone is each to their own when i comes to what shampoo and conditioner suits their hair. Also which one fit’s well into their routine or cost. Some which can be really expensive or cheap.

My advice, is to play the field when it come to choosing out the correct shampoo and conditioner. Sometimes you might find that one brand suits your roots (shampoo) and another brand suits your ends (conditioner). Some people don’t bother using a mask as with thin hair ti can weigh it down and make it become way too fragile.

It’s completely up to you! No matter how much one product is advertised to suit your hair concern or how many of your friends are using that same. You know your scalp and it’s needs.

Well, i hope this blog has given you a small insight into my hair care tips and tricks for blonde hair. I hope you can take something from it and use it in your daily routine. Or i have given you at least some food for thought. Please, don’t hesitate to comment below or follow me on Bloglovin’ if you like my blog.


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