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Hi Everyone,

Accessories and Make-Up Edit

A colour that looks good on you, should stay with you forever and you should keep on adding it to your everyday outfits or make-up routine. I had my doubts wether or not a nude-pale colour would look anywhere near as good on me, as it does on other’s. As spring rolled in 2 years ago, I noticed a trend that I was unsure of, as i have pale skin that can look really washed-out against strong colours like bright red’s or a strong burgundy. However, i bought my first nude-blush top to tryout this trend and give my neutral wardrobe a burst of colour.

Well, 2 years on i have never been so obsessed with this colour. In fact now it takes-up at least 60% of my wardrobe colour. Nude-blush paired well with a stronger colour is the key to creating a balanced outfit and always keeping it current. It can be worn all year round, provided that you stick to the rules and never stray from overdoing it. For example…

Nude-Blush ballet flats with washed out jeans
Nude-Blush camisole

Summer: NB Dress with tan shoes and a taupe bag.

Autumn: NB Camisole with white jeans, tan boots, cream jacket and a tan bag.

Winter: NB Jumper over white shirt with denim jeans, black boots and a NB bag.

Spring: NB jeans with a white top, tan ballet flats and a taupe bag. (this season it’s hard not to get carried away with NB)

Pairing Nude Blush with rose gold accessories can make the outfit just a touch more gorgeous. It can add depth and focus to the overall look. My obsession with rose gold is huge, from fashion accessories to homewears. I love it, just as much as i love nude blush.

Here is a list of all the colours that nude blush goes with:

  • Denim
  • White
  • Navy
  • Tan / Taupe
  • Floral Pattern (no black within the pattern)
  • Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Silver
  • Burnished Copper
  • Dark Copper
  • Browns
  • Light blue
  • Light grey

For the office

As most work outfits are generally black, white, navy blue or a neutral colour. Finding a way to add nude blush into a work outfit can be challenging without going over the top or not fitting into the work environment. The best way to do this is either A, through your choice of accessories, B buy a nude-blush jumper and wear it over a white shirt with a white skirt, C a nude-blush camisole, grey skirt and grey jacket. Be careful not to wear it all the time as it might not fit into your work culture or if you have a dress code it might not fit with the overall look that your company looks for.

Other than that…

Enjoy wearing nude-blush it’s a colour that worn well it can add sophistication and elegance into any occasion or an outfit for a casual brunch.


  • Make sure that you wash your nude-blush tops, skirts and dresses before wear as it helps to keep the colour from fading over time
  • Always keep the colour in your wardrobe ;)
  • Waterproof your nude-blush bags and shoes to prevent rain damage and fading 


  • Wear nude-blush with strong apricots, yellows, oranges, or light greens
  • Hang the colour out in the sun too long as the colour will fade
  • Leave a stain on a piece of clothing or accessory, it might not come out, get rid of it as soon as it touches, especially coffee, tea, wine and food (aka red curry)
I hope that this has given you a great insight into my love for nude-blush and some tips, and trick to use in your daily life.




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